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Meet Mary

I'm a first generation American born to Mexican immigrant parents and I've lived in Utah most of my life. My childhood years were in Davis County (Bountiful), I spent two years of junior high in Chihuahua, Mexico, and then attended high school in St. George and graduated from Pineview High.

I married my high school sweetheart, Josh Foremaster, in 1994 in Manti, Utah. Josh was born in Cedar City (Urie/Imlay family) and raised in St George.  We lived in St George four more years and then moved to Cedar where we've been for 22 years.

I started my career in banking in 1994 when I was 19 years old as a teller.  I was newly married and was also attending Dixie College.  I ended up moving through the ranks to the boardroom level where I gained experience in administration, leadership and management.  I worked with budget allocations, budget goals, employment hiring and retention, employee professional development, critical conversations and decisioning.  I loved being able to pinpoint a problem and find a solution.  One example was when we were having a problem with employee retention.  Morale was low, frustration was high, and as I observed I could see that new-hires weren't feeling trained enough to be set with clients and their money.  On-site training was frustrating to established employees, new employees and clients.  The only training department for the bank was at corporate in Salt Lake, and being in St George it would be too expensive to send them up for 2 weeks.  I took it upon myself to pioneer my own training program.  It caught the attention of the CEO who flew down from Salt Lake to give me an award and funding to start the Southern Utah training Center.  This was one of many experiences I had working in the private sector that I know will make me an asset to the school board.  While I enjoyed my job and salary, my passion was always in education.  My husband finished his schooling, got his MBA and now works at SUU. Since I was the bread-winner through his schooling, once he was established in his career I was able to go back to school part time and continue working at the bank.  I majored in Elementary and Secondary Education and also Business management.  

I stayed as an on-call officer/assistant Vice President for the Southern Region of the bank, and started working as a paraprofessional for the District and at Cedar High.  It was always about the kids for me, and was the most rewarding job I'd had.  I became a district translator and worked with ELL students at CHS.  I loved to learn their stories to help me understand the 'hows and whys' of their educational progression.  I was grateful for the opportunity to advocate for the students who were struggling in school.  I felt like a proud parent attending their graduations.

I am currently working part time at Heaton Financial and my husband and I are proud parents to two beautiful daughters. Abigail will be starting 7th grade and Annelise will be starting kindergarten. I have spent my life serving in my church and I hope to serve more in my community. I am currently enrolled at Southern Utah University where I am slowly working toward a Masters degree in Public Administration. I enjoy civic service opportunities, including being on the board of the Iron County Republican Women, Community Council at South Elementary, and the PTA Board at South.

Raising my daughters during this tumultuous time, I feel it is vital to fight for what and how our children are learning. I am a strong supporter of our teachers and want to help them in their endeavors to help our children learn, grow, and become responsible citizens. I embrace the growth in our community and the diversity it brings. I will work to adapt to the changes that come with growth, while maintaining our small-town values. I am a great listener and value input from our community and parents. A vote for Mary will give you a voice on the Iron County School Board.

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